Payolog and GUAVAPAY UK Announce Global Payments Industry Partnership

Payolog and GUAVAPAY UK Announce Global Payments Industry Partnership, bringing Payolog’s COREDotMe platform to the UK, Europe and the UAE.

April 25, 2022

Irvine, CA – Payolog the leading Technology solution provider, has been greatly successful within the Payments, Smart City and Transit industry solutions. Payolog’s platform COREDotME built with flexible technology makes it easy to add new solutions.

With Payolog and GUAVAPAY partnership all products of these two companies will gather on one platform and processing of all these will be possible through GUAVAPAY processing systems.

GUAVAPAY has made sure to be in constant development for its clients. GuavaPay aims to create new trends instead of following them, assuring its customers, the competitive advantage. The aim of GUAVAPAY is to provide banks and Financial Institutions with processing services Acquiring International Payment Systems with Visa Inc., MasterCard Worldwide, and UnionPay. It offers complex solutions providing its clients opportunities for the most innovative and modern services within the payments processing industry.

Payolog’s COREDotME platform consists of EMV credit and debit card management; prepaid card management; POS/terminal management, Crypto Card Management, mobile city, smart-city and Transit, automated fare collection, mobile ticketing, event ticketing, loyalty management solutions. COREDotME platform offers integrations to Visa, Mastercard, Interac and Private Label networks.

COREDotME provides strong and flexible functionalities for the complex requirements of financial institutions with the latest technologies in a flexible manner all according to the requirements and needs of the customers.

With this strategic partnership, Payolog and GUAVAPAY will offer one platform providing all their products and services available globally.

“We are very excited to partner with GUAVAPAY UK,” said Murat Guzel, CEO of Payolog. And added “It’s quite clear that the payments industry globally, is looking for new affordable solutions to attract and retain their clients and customers. With GUAVAPAY, we’re creating a very unique solution and service platform to our current regions; Canada, the US, Mexico and Latin America and now as well across the UK, Europe and the UAE Region.”
“We consider our new strategic union being the most efficient cooperation that will benefit both clients and partners. We look forward to working together in the 50 countries we are currently active.” said Orhan Nasibov CEO GUAVAPAY.

“We believe the best way to reach and support the growth of more and more payments industry players world-wide is to have a global presence with a more local approach. This partnership will bring us together in marketing, business development product development., project management – it’s a clear win-win situation,” said Gokhan Inonu CCO of Payolog.

“We are honored to announce our strategic partnership with Payolog. Together we will build and offer easy-to-use banking platforms to serve our customers. This is a very important date for our company.” Explained Gulshan Mustafayeva Deputy CEO, GUAVAPAY.

About GUAVAPAY : System accepts cards via POS terminals, cash points, stands, merchant terminals and virtual terminals (e-merchants). Installation of: different devices of self-service – cash disbursements, device recycling ( full cycle) information payment terminals automatic depositary machines by different suppliers, such as NCR, Diebold, Wincor, Nixdorf «Merchant Portal» – is the supplementary service for merchant and service enterprises and banks on monitoring and management of terminals (merchant’s cabinet) Internet acquiring with 3D Secure technology Support of virtual tokenization in Master Pass and Visa Checkout programs. For more information contact

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