Integrate crypto currencies in real life payments.

Enabling retailers collect payments via digital crypto wallet, or banking cards. Its all-in-one platform.

Accept crypto payments, in-store, web or at doorstep.

Crypto payments platform enables retailers, e-commerce providers to accept crypto currency payments.

Order and trade management
Order book and advance trading combined.
Customer management
Manage and monitor your customers.
Commission and fees
Configure how you make money from transactions.

E-commerce wallet: forget about fiat money.

Keep your customers crypto currencies not only their fiat money. Combining investment and shopping together.

Open API architecture
Integrate with your checkout page.
Real-time fiat conversion
Currency exchanges from trusted marketers.
In-app transaction monitoring
Track your revenue real-time.

Your customers will love this app.

Buy/sell crypto currencies, make payments or transfers right inside the app. One single app for all.

Advanced trading orders
Buy/sell cryptos, send orders and track prices.
E-commerce payments
Manage e-commerce wallets and make payments.
Portfolio management
Monitor and manage your portfolio.