Are you ready to meet the future of fare payments?

Implement and configure your fare payments platform on your own!

Cloud platform packed with nice features

Payolog Fare Payments platform offers you an on-demand, easy to implement features with powerful back office!

Multi-tenant Back Office
Same platform for different groups of transit operators.
Multi-language Support
Support for different languages.
Open API Architecture
Open API makes global integrations easy.

Operator app is an all-in-one application

Payolog Operator App serves your needs as an all-in-one smart application.

Fare Validation
Turns your device into a ticket validator.
Sale/Recharge/Inspect Smart Cards
No need to buy an extra point of sale device.
Inspect Rider/Smart Card
Inspection made easy.

Rider app empowered for your riders

Payolog Rider App offers your riders, easy and convenient way to pay fares, buy tickets and travel.

Transit Wallet
Virtual balance or tickets and passes.
Multi-modal Transit
Same app for different transit operators.
Live vehicle monitoring
Real-time vehicle monitoring inside the app.