Payolog launches new and updated “product stack” and website, marking four years of success

Payolog celebrates their very successful four years.

May 22, 2022

Payolog celebrates their very successful four years. Payolog is thrilled to announce the launch of its new product stack and website today. The website launches on the 4th anniversary of the company’s establishment. Payolog is a technology company within the global payments industry, providing payment solutions and services worldwide. Payolog offers all its solutions on a unique platform stack, just newly updated.

“We are extremely happy to be launching our new product stack along with our updated website, and its extra pleasing that it hits the same time we formed our company four years ago”. said Ayse Nil Sarigollu Executive Chairwoman of Payolog. “Following the update of our product stack with all the changes in hand we wanted to share our progress with a new and revamped website.”

Payolog Chief Marketing Officer Kamuran Altinbilek also explained they were very excited for all that’s happening at Payolog. She said, “It’s a great day for us, we’re happy we’ve reached the pinnacle of our progress and success. We’re now supporting our mainstream products with enhanced Mobilesolutions that serve to the industry needs”.

Ayse Nil Sarigollu also added, “We all know the increasingly competitive and dynamic environment along with the rapid transformation of the digital world is impacting all areas of our industry. There is a switch towards solution provider companies, like us, who can offer the breadth and depth of solutions for the ecosystem. With an objective to cater to the ecosystem, we have launched our new and improved “Payolog Stack” with industry firsts.”

“Our solutions are now gathered under the four main pillars of the Payolog Stack. These are: Digital payments, fare payments, crypto payments, and card payment solutions. To keep up with all the trends and all the technological developments and updates, we made our product stack modifiable and easier to serve to any of the required changes and updates of the industry and our clients.” said Kamuran Altinbilek.

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