Payolog and Smart City Services International (SCSI), Announce Transit Smart City Payments Industry Partnership

Payolog the payments expert and SCSI join forces to grow within the Transit Industry in Mexico, LATAM and the United States.

April 25, 2022

Irvine, CA— Payolog, a global Payment and smart city solutions leader with its COREDotME v3.2 platform payment solution technologies announces expansion throughout United States, Mexico and Latin America with SCSI partnership.

Through this strategic partnership, Payolog and SCSI will join forces and to collaborate on growing within the US, Mexico and Latin America providing all their products and services together within the Private Transit Sector and the Government Transit Sector.

During the pandemic we have all experienced the importance of everything contactless as well as contactless payments. This partnership will allow the expansion of the Payolog COREDotME v3.2 platform and SCSI will showcase solutions: smart-city and Transit, automated fare collection; mobile ticketing; event ticketing; POS/terminal management, and mobile city platforms.

“We are greatly pleased to partner with SCSI said Murat Guzel, CEO of Payolog. It’s quite clear that the payments industry globally, is looking for new affordable solutions to attract and retain their clients and customers. With SCSI, we believe we can reach to a more vertical network and grow our database.”

We are very excited to partner with Payolog. With many years of experience, we have been fortunate to collaborate with excellent partners and achieve the goal of making life simple for everyone.
We have brought together leading technology companies with cutting edge technology solutions and experience in the world of contactless card payments, mobile pay, and proximity marketing to help developing cities drive economic growth. Said Sal Haro CEO of SCSI

“We believe the best way to reach and support the growth of more and more payments industry players world-wide is to have a global presence with a more local approach. We have a great deal of experience and know-how within the transit industry and I believe this partnership will bring us together and support each other in the growth within this industry” said Gokhan Inonu CCO of Payolog.

'We have identified a great need in the transportation industries across Latin countries. The outdated technology in the cash transactions and data systems provides poor quality of services to the commuters. We strive to provide clients with the utmost quality of service and customized smart city solutions” said Dan Caballero from SCSI.

About Smart City Services International: Being involved in Smart City concepts for the last 7 years in Mexico, SCSI has established relationships with various transportation authorities. We have leveraged our consulting team in Mexico to focus and target government and private transportation agencies and are prepared to activate our marketing advertising and awareness campaigns. With our strong technology partners, we can advance and improve the daily lives of the working citizens with positive customer experience by implementing Smart City Payment solutions for all ticketing requirements. We are ready to be first to market all in one solution in the transit space and first to provide smart digital payment solutions, coupled with a mobile advertising broadcast network, a missing persons alert broadcast network and mobile cash app program, All-In-One.

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