Payments redefined with mobile technology.

Transform your smartphones into point of sale terminals.

Set up your payment platform in minutes, not days

Digital payments platform is ready-to-use, easy to integrate cloud solution.

Real-time data monitoring
You business data at your fingertips.
Customer management
Manage and monitor your customers.
Open API architecture
Open API makes global integrations easy.

Merchant app: new generation payment terminal

Transform any smart device into a payment terminal. In-store or door payments.

Advanced payment terminal
Smart device, smart app.
Collect payments anywhere
Process payments on-the-go.
In-app transaction monitoring
Track your revenue real-time.

Customer app: more than a digital wallet

Secure digital wallet packed with card tokenization, crypto payments and many more.

Combined digital wallet
Your cards and cryptos are in same app.
New generation payments
Pay with your most preferred options.
Spending monitoring
Monitor your transaction history.