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We provide a unique framework and wrap all the payment solutions within.

Fare Payments on Demand

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Digital Payments

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Digital Payments

Digital Payments Solution enables retailers and merchants to provide mobile payment alternatives to their customers based on QR and/or BLE integration. Integrated switch, tokenization and payment processing solution offers a ready-to-go solution.

Merchant digital payments app
Monitor your sales inside the app or back office.
Customer digital wallet app
Campaigns, and payments in one app.
Cloud based back office
Powerful management features.

Fare Payments

Fare Payments Solution provides transit agencies to build their own Automated Fare Collection system on their own. The solutions eliminates hardware dependencies and dramatically reduces project costs and duration.

Hardware independent validator app
Operators choose their hardware on their own.
Rider app, with multiple payment options
Digital account, smart card, tickets or passes.
Fast and easy implementation
Eliminating costs, and reduce implementation times.

Crypto Payments

Crypto Payments Solution while enabling financial institutions to offer Crypto Exchange and Crypto Card features to their existing customers, also provides Crypto Wallet feature for eCommerce ecosystem and enables customers to pay via cryptos.

Secure crypto exchange platform
Buy or sell coins with advanced trading features.
Crypto exchange and crypto card
Crypto payments in different options.
Crypto wallet for ecommerce
Enjoy shopping while investing.

Payolog Payment Platform

The Payolog Payments Platform is one of a kind platform developed to merge the Payment Industry, Crypto and Smart City products and solutions in one Unified Framework.

Payolog payment platform provides one single solution for multiple institutions.

Open API Structure

Open API architecture enables the platform to integrate with 3rd parties easily.


The platform supports web or mobile interfaces but same excellent experience.

Ready to implement

Cloud or on-premise! The platform is ready to implement.

Powerful back office

The back office gives power to its users with real-time data, and dashboards.

User friendly

And finally; users just enjoy using our payment platform.

Your site instantly responsive.

Ready to go mobile

Whatever you put together, all element are ready to go mobile. We've done the work for you.


Of course you can customize anything the way you like it. Using Webflows website editor you have full control!

Comes with ready to use UI elements.

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