Transaction Switch

COREdotME Transaction Switch solution provides high performance, real-time authorization for a wide range of transaction types from small to a large number of transaction needs of issuers, acquirers and processors.

The solution provides easy integration flexibility with different internal and external systems and networks different messaging protocols thanks to Transaction Adaptor Tool.

Transaction Switch

COREdotME interfacing with domestic and major international payment networks and mobile payment networks for traditional and new generation payment transactions. Our solutions' high volume per second processing capability ensures you have a robust, capable and expandable solution which is always available and will grow with you.

High performance, scalability, and continuity

Open platform system for easy channel/network/system integration and new features development.

Supported full range of transaction types like purchases, cash withdrawals, cash advance, internet, and mobile payment, refund, and funds transfer

Service-oriented architecture

High volume TPS processing capability have a robust, capable and expandable solution for 7/24 availability 

Easy integration with new institution, processing customers internal and external systems

Supports a wide range of communication protocols thanks to Transaction Adaptor tool

Reliable monitoring and automatic alert mechanism

Parametric DES, 3DES, multiple ZPK support

Traditional and new generation payment networks and transactions supported

Clearing & Settlement

COREdotME Clearing & Settlement solution provides easy management module of incoming and outgoing Clearing and Settlement Operations. The solution offers a secure, reliable and user-friendly clearing system compliant to international standards. The clearing system includes integrated dispute management and fraud notification module for Payment System Networks. Alert mechanism for dispute transactions. Automated exhibit and cardholder letters reduce the workload of customer services in the back-office.

Supports EMV acquiring and issuing

Automatized incoming and outgoing data process

Easy process for the rejected transaction process

Easy follow up and operations for Chargeback, Retrieval request, Fee, Fraud etc. selecting a certain transaction

EMV Cryptogram controls in detail

All transaction lifecycle monitoring

Full clearing life-cycle

Parametric chargeback processes definition and alert management

Comprehensive clearing and settlement reports

Reconciliation between merchants and acquirers

Reconciliation of incoming and outgoing clearing records

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