Smart City Payments

We offer Open Loop (EMV) and Close Loop end-to-end advanced real-time systems on a single management platform for all kind of Smart City projects.

Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

With our Automated Fare Collection (AFC) Platform, transit authorities can manage payments in all kind of Public Transit systems (Bus, Train, Metro, Metrobus), Parks, Zoos, Bike Sharing, Ice Skating, Amusement Parks etc. with single card mapping as City Card. Payolog AFC has a web-based architecture that has a unique user experience. It consists of different modules, each of which has different functionalities.

Web & Mobile Portal

To give passengers more control on for their riding experience, our solution has a web-based portal that end users can;​​

  • Match their city cards with their account,

  • See their balance, the last transactions with their card, the schedules of the vehicles,

  • Or any other information that the authority wants to announce.

Account Management

This module includes a set of users of the system of collection management functions, namely:

  • Account information

  • Account related transactions

  • Check balance, tickets, or login logs for users

Open-Loop EMV Payments

Open loop architecture enables AFC system to integrate with the BIN providers (issuers) or payment gateways for supplying next generation EMV Cards execution properly in the system according to the security standards of EMV.

Revenue Management

This module allows the system to calculate, collect and monitor the financial transactions which are processing among the system. The fare calculation engine is the main financial engine that calculates the fare of each ride in the backend for full EMV solution.

Business Intelligence

This module allows users to analyze the data generated by the terminals and aggregated by the central system.

System & Terminal Monitoring

This module allows system users to monitor the system environment remotely and also logs the maintenance records generated by the system administrators.

Inventory Management

This module enables users to track the movements of the inventory.

  • Checks the levels of products (SAMs, cards, tickets etc.),

  • Generates alerts when each of the items goes below the defined limit.

Fraud Management

The functionalities of this module are to detect strange events and activities in the system:

  • Fraudulent recharges

  • Simultaneous validations

  • Overruled cards

  • SAM's operations

Web Topup/Recharge

AFC platform has the ability to make single or automated top-ups via the web or mobile applications. The sensitive card payment information will be stored in a secure environment to enable automated top-ups.

Terminal Management

This module is the main management system of all terminals (Validator, Loaders, TVM, SC etc.). It easily configures all terminals remotely without any field support needed. It communicates RealTime or SemiOnline mode (when the system goes offline) with the terminal.

Help Desk

This module enables help desk department users which will be available 7 (days) 24 (hours) 365 (days) in a year. Incoming calls will be turning to tickets by the help desk users and will be assigned to the field operators who can see the tickets from their devices while they are mobile.

Key Management

With the Key Management module, the master keys can be secured with an HSM under the control of the authorities. SAM production will be done under the control of the authorities and independent from the operator.

Configuration Management

This module allows authorized users to configure the parameters of the system, such as;

  • Tariffs

  • Routes,

  • Locations etc.

User Management

This module allows authorized users to configure the system users and their authority levels, and, as well as passenger account management.

Mobile Ticketing

Payolog Mobile Ticketing is a mobile ticketing solution providing agencies the mobile technology that improves the rider experience, allowing commuters to plan, track, and pay for their trip in one simple, secure app. Eliminate the need for costly hardware and gain deep insights into rider patterns with data analytics. Transit agencies can choose between visual inspection of rider’s tickets, or we can easily integrate with a variety of hardware partners.

For Transit Authorities

Sell tickets online

Monitor mobile tickets sales and usage

Provide real-time information about the trips

Reduce the costs of ticket offices and TVMs


Improve passenger satisfaction

For Passengers

Buy and use the tickets on the go

Store tickets and monitor the transaction history

See location and nearest bus stops on the map

Get information about schedules, bus route, and bus stops

Plan trips before going out

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