One stop shop solutions for

Financial Institutions



Retail Sector

Our solution can manage

multiple business models on a single platform

multiple payment methods with a single card or payment media

multiple terminal type management with a single acquiring solution

CORE.Me Business Services

Web Based React

New generation adaptive and responsive

.Net Core

Technology independent (cross-platform), open source and modular

MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL

Object-relational mapping for multi-database supported

Windows & Linux

Is portable to any windows / linux platform

Open API

Easy API design, development, documentation and test by Swagger

3 Tier / PCI

Client interfaces, application server and data server

Service Oriented Architecture

With the disciplined communication architecture for effective management of distributed software systems for reusability, adaptability and maintainability become easier.


Reusable Components

Reusable Components, the concept of reuse and avoids building code where a more cost-effective option exists. Significantly reduce development time and cost for integration, new developments, and functional enhancements.


High Available

High availability and scalability, business continuity, high-end transaction processing.


Latest  Technology

Latest technology usage eliminates dependencies and simplifies new enhancements.


Multi- Support

Multi-institution, multi-currency, multi-card product, multi-language, multi-terminal, multi-payment media support from single point.

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