Payments & Money Transfers

COREdotME Payments & Transfers solution provides money transfer engine to manage different global and domestic money transfer options.


COREdotME transfer options include Mastercard-Money Send, Visa-Visa Direct, P2P money transfer, swift, cheque transfer, and money remittance.

Financial institutions can manage easily their customers global and local money transfer and payment needs a wide range of transfer options with a single integration.

Various institution integration for money remittance from a single point

Integrated solution with Visa and Mastercard for a card to card money transfers

Integrated account to account money transfer with a swift solution

Easy adaptation with local money transfer channels

P2P money transfer options in a specific network

Money transfer risk control with AML institution/solution integration

Internal blacklist management

Multi-settlement management for different payment and transfer channels

Multi-currency money transfer function

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