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Payolog and Smart City Services International (SCSI), Announce Transit Smart City Payments Industry Partnership

Payolog the payments expert and SCSI join forces to grow within the Transit Industry in Mexico, LATAM and the United States.

Mat 4, 2020


Payolog and GUAVAPAY UK Announce Global Payments Industry Partnership

Payolog and GUAVAPAY UK Announce Global Payments Industry Partnership, bringing Payolog’s COREDotMe platform to the UK, Europe and the UAE.

April 30, 2020


Payolog Announces Disruptive Transit Innovation on its COREdotMe V3.2 Platform

A one of kind platform developed to merge the Payment Card Industry and Smart City solution in one Unified Framework... PAYOLOG just made this happen!

April 9, 2020


Payolog to expand its Transit solutions within Mexico and Latin America with ROI Global Partners

Payolog, a global leader within payment solution technologies announces expansion throughout Mexico and Latin America by partnering with ROI Global Partners.

April 01, 2020


Payolog Announces Crypto Currency Payment Card Solution on its COREDotMe v3.2 Platform

Imagine a platform developed to manage your crypto currency deposits. This is now possible with PAYOLOG!

Mar. 24, 2020


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