COREdotME Issuing Solution is a flexible card management solution for issuing local and international debit, credit, prepaid and private label cards

Debit Card Issuing

COREdotME Debit Card Management System supports issuing Visa, Mastercard and Private Label Debit Cards that conform to international standards. The system also supports issuing EMV debit cards with chips and ensures fast, uninterrupted and reliable communication with all banking systems to enhance customer satisfaction.

EMV, magnetic, contact and contactless payment support

End-to-end PIN security with HSM

Definition of daily withdrawal limits according to specific customers and cards

Transaction restriction limits according to the customer, card, and source

ADC Integrations

Online authorization from core banking systems

Transaction-based limit definition

Card emboss data preparation

Credit Card Issuing

COREdotME Credit Card Management system provides strong and flexible functionality for the complex needs of financial institutions. The solution carries the products, and the latest technologies to the production environment in a flexible functional structure determined according to the requirements of the customers.

EMV, Magnetic, contact and contactless credit card issuing

Single limit for domestic and international usage

Multi-currency statement management

Card fee and interest management

Multi-product structure thanks to easy product type definition function

Card emboss data preparation, automatic renewal process

Courier follow up with courier company integration

Single infrastructure for the individual, corporate, virtual card management

More than one main card and supplementary card management under one customer

Prepaid Card Issuing

COREdotME Prepaid Card Issuing solution offers open-loop prepaid card use with EMV standards or magnetic standards or closed-loop prepaid card issuance for institutions. Host-based and card-based balance and top-up management can be managed and monitor securely. Through the use of EMV standards, the balance on the card may be used offline and contactless. Prepaid Card Management System supports a wide variety of product programs like Fan cards, Gift Cards, Youth Cards, Company expenses cards, payroll cards, club cards etc

Single balance for domestic and international usage

Balance, available balance and top-up management

EMV, Magnetic, contact and contactless card issuing

Offline transactions supported with card-based balance management

Flexible fee management

Comprehensive  ATM device and network monitoring tool

Courier follow up with courier company integration

Card emboss data preparation, automatic renewal process

Linked wallet account with more than one main and Supplementary Card

Automated payroll payments

Card Inventory Management

Card Orders

Program Manager Portal for easy operational management

Card Loan Management

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