COREdotME Acquiring Solution is a full service acquiring processing solution with all card acceptance channels like POS, mPOS, ATM, e-commerce, m-commerce. A powerful settlement engine simplifies multiple settlement cycles within a day, manages the settlement process all card payment acceptance channels, provides compliant infrastructure card industry security standards.

Merchant Management

Our system is a comprehensive solution designed to manage merchant relationships with a single merchant setup for more than one programs. It is possible to track POS activities in a single or multi-financial institution acquiring environment.  Features include flexible transaction capture methods such as draft processing or electronic data capture, merchant settlement and payment distribution while providing online real-time merchant inquiry into the merchant’s daily activity.

EMV, magnetic, contact and contactless payment support

Single merchant profile for multiple stores/terminals

Multiple settlement cycles

Flexible pricing parameters for commission and fee management

Easy settlement process between merchant and acquirer

Secure payments of card present, CNP and recurring

Dispute and chargeback management​

Accounting data

Web-based merchant portal for more visibility of payment transactions

Terminal Management

COREdotME Terminal Management System enables the institutions to provide multi-functional, multi-terminal flexible systems for different kinds of payment terminals like POS, merchant ATMs, Validators, KIOSKs. In addition, a wide range of payment acceptance such as debit, credit, prepaid, private label, loyalty, magnetic, EMV, contact, contactless functions is supported.

Terminal Entry/Update/Monitoring

A single terminal management solution for POS, merchant ATMs, KIOSK and Validators

Different messaging protocol support for terminal communication like ISO8583, TLV etc.

Terminal-based transaction authority definition

Remote Update

Inventory management for terminal hardware and software

ATM Management  & Monitoring

COREdotME ATM Management solution offers a fast and reliable connection with all banking systems to actively promote client satisfaction. ATM Management System can be associated with an unlimited number of terminals in theory.

Status notification to authorized personnel via text, email, and other messaging media

Key transfer from the center to ATMs without physical key input thanks to Remote Key Loading server

Online monitoring of ATM devices status, cash statuses and transactions

e-Journal management and reconciliation

NDC and ISO8583 messaging protocol

Comprehensive  ATM device and network monitoring tool

Drag and drop state-screen design

E-Commerce Payment Gateway

COREdotME E-Commerce Payment Gateway solution offers end-to-end back office, integration APIs, transaction management, monitoring and reporting which meets financial institutions' needs to manage their e-commerce and m-commerce card payment transactions.

Detail transaction monitoring and dashboard reporting

API sandbox and/or e-commerce platform plug-ins for easy merchant integrations

Point earning and burning for e-commerce and m-commerce transactions

Integration with secure card storage for one-click payments including 3D Secure

Offers simple, easy and secure checkout experience to merchants

Integrated risk management tool

E-shop and shopping chart integrations

Invoice Payment Management and reconciliation

Accounting software integration

Recurring Payment Management

Recurring Payment Management is a web-based application to manage payment from credit, debit, prepaid cards, e-mail, account and direct debit payment from a member bank account. The solution eliminates manual operations for recurring payment tracking. Example of direct debit can be an electricity bill, TV and internet payments the frequency and amount can be changed weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual period.

Web-based reporting and customer setup portal

Customer, card, account, e-mail transfer definition

Direct debit transaction management from core banking systems

Automated transaction process according to a defined period

Flexible amount, period (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, Semi-monthly, Quarterly and yearly) definition

Transaction freeze and unfreeze functions

Notification to merchant via SMS, e-mail and portal

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